Parth Chemtech

Who We Are … What We Do ??
‘We are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality and durable Powder Coatings in India under the brand name NiceCoat’. We are an ISO 9001 certified company having a decade of experience behind us in this field. We have established ourselves as a leading brand in the Powder Coatings market.

We offer a wide range of different shades of Powder Coatings in the variety of Chemistries ( Pure Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid),Pure Polyester, Poly Urethane, Super Durable), different finishes i.e. Glossy, Semi-glossy(Satin), Matt, Texture, Structure, Hammer tone, Metallic and Antique which are available in all colors and Glossy levels for almost any type of interior or exterior applications.

We put in our best efforts to provide qualitative solutions in a cost-effective manner. As a key supplier to your operations, we got exactly what it takes to be a partner in your success. Totally committed to the integrated growth, we continue to develop new shades and finishes and provide quality products at very competitive prices. Our marketing network spans across the entire country, in every city of each state which has assured a significant market share for our quality products.

NiceCoat is an ISO Certified company since 2002. We fulfill all client requirements as per ISO terms and Conditions. Quality and Service will be our key feature in this process.