Key Markets



NICECOAT Powder Coatings provide excellent performance for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, including under hood car components, engine parts, wheels, and exterior trim. We offer coatings with the highest quality and performance, held to the strict quality standards in a variety of colors and finishes, including a wheel powder coating and chrome powder coat in shades that give a metallic or chrome appearance.

In most automotive applications, powder coatings are used for auto performance characteristics as most auto producers still prefer the use of liquid coatings for those areas requiring optimum appearance. Current applications in the automotive industry include:

Air filter housing, alloy road wheels, brake calipers & components, bright trim molding, bumper bars, door handles engine blocks – iron & alloys, mirror housings, motorcycle frames, oil filter housings, rocker covers seat frames, steel wheels assemblies, stereo system, components suspension systems, underbody primer, windscreen wipers.

In the automotive industry, Our Powder Coating are widely used on a range of applications from the body work and trims to aluminum wheels and in-mold light weight components.