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We provide various powder coating systems that meet the industrial corrosion resistance standards of the Agricultural,Construction and Earth moving equipment sector for each different types of use.

Whether it is a tractor, combine harvester, plough, crane or excavator – products from NiceCoat gives surety for successful performances.

Agricultural and Construction Equipment In the field of agriculture, many construction equipment,

such as diggers, tractors, bulldozers are most of the time uses roughly. So the coatings which protect them must be strong and highly durable.

Agricultural, Construction and Earth Moving Equipment requires the coating that should have hard finish which Runs for longer time. We generally see equipment from lawn mower to bulldozing machinery in construction site.

NiceCoat has First class chemical and mechanical performance is essential that ensuring the coating continues to looks great, even after daily use of product like Lawn mowers, Tractors ,Excavators ,Seed runners ,Compactors, Garden tools, fertilizer spreaders, Harvesters ,Mining equipment, Track loaders, Rotowaters.outdoor environments call for strong polyester and urethane powder coatings with exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion.

NiceCoat will protect these machines with a robust, durable, hard-wearing finish in a wide range of colors. Adhesion, hardness, impact resistance, flexibility and chemical resistance are just some of the tests that we put these coatings through.