Key Markets


Architecture & Hardware

NiceCoat Powder Coating is used for nearly all areas of architectural construction industry, from windows and doors to amazing facades, ceilings, railings, fencing, metal gates and internal compartments.

NiceCoat has high quality powders which are factory applied, durable coatings designed specifically with architectural applications in mind. Suitable for use on architectural aluminum and steel for both interior and exterior applications. NiceCoat has architectural range which offers excellent durability, good chemical resistance and mechanical performance which is a true sustainable alternative to anodized finishes and even We have Same finish like Anodize Which can be available in powder coating too.

Individual Housing, Retail ,Office ,Skyscrapers ,Hospital ,Stadiums ,Malls

Powder is best suited to metal substrates. In the architectural world this usually means aluminum or steel. So wherever you use metal, you can powder coat.


NiceCoat powders for hardware can be used on many different products. Often hardware is used outside, which means the coating has to stand up to weathering, humidity, salt air and corrosion potential. We are using the expertize we gained in the architectural market and transferring that to industry leading products designed specifically for hardware. Both our colors and our clear coats stand up to these conditions and will meet and exceed the performance expectations of many specifications.

Alternatively adding both protection and color to hardware is also easy. As color experts, we have created a great range of colors that will complement the hardware design or its surroundings beautifully.

Windows & Doors Sections Skylights, Storefront, Curtain pipe & Sockets, Fencing Hardware, Ceiling grids, Partitions, Metal Furniture, Racking & shelving, Interior fittings, Shutters and louvers, Highway signs, Door handle ETC…

if our powders will work for your application, our hardware coatings experts will be happy to help you.