Key Markets


Lighting, Electrical & IT

Whether it’s traditional, modern, industrial, contemporary or country style, the colors, patterns, textures and effects that perfectly complement the shape and form of the fixture are extremely important. NICECOAT offers a vast range of stylish colors and effects that complement the look and feel of the piece no matter what the design.

we have a product that will not only ensure the fixtures look great, but make sure they stand up to the demands placed on them. Whether it’s improved finger printing, resistance to yellowing or exterior performance in terms of color retention and salt and humidity resistance.


Control panels, telephones, transformers and lamps are just a few examples of possible applications for powder coatings in the electrical segment. Powder in fact has been used in this sector for years as a complement with technical, economic and environmental advantages.

Motor windings and housings, Transformers, Switch gears, Electric junction boxes, Electric connectors, Electrical cabinets, Lighting fixtures, Computers Telecommunications.

IT & Telecom equipment

End Use: UPS, Invertors, computer servers, Parabolic Dish Antenna, CPU enclosures.