Quality That Meets Your Requirements…

To meet the requirement of quality and performance by the customer and the end-user of the component being coated, the Powder Coatings are invariably tested at NiceCoat. Powder Coating is such a process, once it is being carried out it is hardly be altered or corrected and it is finished process. So, looking to the fact of losses involved to the manufacturer, “NiceCoat” takes special care in manufacturing. The high Corrosive resistance is persistently monitored through different standardizing procedures. In simulated weather conditions the desired weather resistance is measured. Several other quality checks consist of testing gloss degree, flaw ability of the Powder and assessment of color visibility.

Quality Policy

We believe in achieving excellence trough continual improvement in our products, Process & Systems. We are committed to provide quality products on time, Ensure to satisfy customer's need and expectation.

Benefits To The Associates:

  • 1) Most competitive priced products and services.
  • 2) Trusted by industrial leaders and thousands of satisfied customers.
  • 3) Continuously Growing Company.
  • 4) International quality product and services for complete satisfaction.
  • 5) Company handled by experience management team.
  • 6) Ability to serve customers beyond geographical boundaries.
  • 7) Special Requirements from OEM customers can be developed by their requirements.