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NiceCoat is an ISO Certified company since 2002. We fulfill all client requirements as per ISO terms and Conditions. Quality and Service will be our key features in this process.

‘We are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality and durable Powder Coatings in India under the brand name NiceCoat’. We are an ISO 9001 certified company having a decade of experience behind us in this field. We have established ourselves as a leading brand in the Powder Coatings market.




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Powder is basically color in a powder form. It is a dry, powder substance that is manufactured in a unique way. It has to be applied on a coating line – it cannot be applied on site, because it has to cure in an oven. It also has to be made in a powder factory. It cannot be mixed on site. So called powder coating is basically an industrial product which is applied on an object in dry powder form . It doesn’t need solvent to keep bind it like liquid form substance. It takes electrostatic charge to apply on object and required extreme heat to foam paint.

No powder needs to be applied to the part on a coating line. It cannot be applied on site because it needs extreme heat to bake.

Generally, powder is best suited to metal products such as aluminum, steel or brass. It is possible to powder coat other products such as ceramic and glass, but metal products are most common. Applying powder to different product depends on the applicator!

Powder coatings are essentially liquid paint that is made without water or petroleum based solvents. Liquid paints needs solvent The major difference between liquid and powder coatings at the point of the coatings use is that powder coatings must be baked with heat in order to melt the dried paint together and cure the coating to its final hardness. Liquid coatings can be sprayed at room temperature and most cure without the use of additional heat. The presence of heat to bake powder coatings creates the largest performance feature. This performance feature in powder coatings is exhibited in final hardness and abrasion resistance of the coating.

Check out the product section of our website here. That gives you information on the different chemistries and applications are available with their performance characteristics; what they are best suited to and the various tests they will pass. If you would like help and advice choosing the right powder chemistry for your application and budget, just contact us and we’ll happy to help. Often people just pick a color, without checking that the product chemistry is right for their application. Then if the powder fades or doesn’t perform as expected, the powder is blamed rather than the decision to use the wrong chemistry!

We have several different powder chemistries available in many different colors. Check our products section for more information on the different chemistries and the different applications.

Application Benefits: Single coat job ,Virtually 100% material utilization, Ready for use, Low operating costs, High material utilization, Low operating costs, Easy to process and clean. Many colors and surface finishes available.
Safety and Environmental Benefits: Solvent free, Reduced air pollution, Easier waste disposal, Lower Fire Insurance and non-Hazardous also.
End Product Benefits: Consistent high quality, Low rejection rate, High durability and protection, Wide range of colors and effects , Wide range of finishes available: Glossy, Matt, Satin, Structure, textured, And many more finishes, Lower applied materials costs.

The widely-used methods in powder coating process are fluidized bed, electrostatic corona spraying and tribostatic spraying. Mostly used electro static corona. For more information please check our applied technique page.

Please Check Pretreatment page in Resources Area in our Website Cleaning is most required part in powder coating this question cannot be ignored.

Practically all powder coatings are not hazardous waste by definition of the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act regulations (RCRA). Disposal methods for waste powder are the same as for non-hazardous wastes, in most states. However, there may be some exceptions and your powder supplier should be contacted regarding proper disposal. Always renew disposal needs with the local authority having jurisdiction over your facility location.

Powder storage for many months is often normal practice. Ideally, powder should be stored in the optimum conditions of less than 25°C and approximately 50 – 60% relative humidity. Under these conditions most powder should be readily usable for at least 6 months. Avoid placing powder inventory in close proximity to any heat source such as an oven, washer, furnace, space heater, etc.

Particle size plays an important role in the application process. Size distribution affects many other properties critical to consistent performance including: fluidization, powder transport in hoses, uniform cloud density, powder movement in air, electrostatic charging, deposition and build rate, transfer efficiency, Faraday cage penetration, wraparound, and film smoothness. Size distribution produced by the powder manufacturer must take the coating system design and anticipated changes into account to provide a suitable product. Final cured surface appearance may also be affected by the particle size distribution and flow rate.